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8th grade English/Language Arts   

E-mail:                        Phone: (318)644-5840 to leave a message

Welcome to my online classroom page! 

For missed assignments and copies of digital documents, please go to your Google Classroom—if you are a parent, you will need your student’s log in information in order to view our daily activites and schedule. 

ATTENTION:  Due to the overwhelming amount of late or incorrectly submitted work, we are implementing the following policy:  All work that is not submitted correctly and on time will receive points off.  Assignments that are 25 points will be -5 points each day late, and assignments that are 50+ points will be -10 points each day late.  Work more than five days late will not be accepted unless the student has valid absences.  Students with extended time will be handled on an indivdual basis.


Leanne Hudleston

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