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This Week (Monday, Oct 28 - Friday, Nov 1)

Monday: Unit 2, Topic 2, Closer 2

After completing the “Territorial Period” chart, copy and answer the following questions (Include: DIRECT QUOTE, ANSWER or EXPLANATION, & PAGE NUMBER):

1.Why were the boundaries of Louisiana unclear during Louisiana’s territorial period?

2.Explain the evolution of race relations from Louisiana’s colonial period through the territorial period.

3.Why was Louisiana’s population booming immediately after the Louisiana Purchase?

4.Why would the U.S. government be worried about French and Spanish Louisianians participating in American self-government?

5.How did the territorial period affect the economic, social, and political identity of Louisiana?

•“Louisiana Purchase and the Territorial Period” (pgs. 1-3)

•“Louisiana - The Maritime Heritage Project” (p. 4)

Tuesday: Unit 2, Topic 2, Closer 3

•Read “Congressional Volleys” section of How Louisiana Became a State by Ron Chapman from Louisiana Life Magazine (p. 15 and 16) to answer questions 1-3.

•Read “Constitution of Louisiana 1812” (p. 18) and answer questions 4-9.


1.Who did the United States Congress allow and not allow the right to vote in Louisiana when Louisiana was becoming a state?

2.Describe the process of Louisiana becoming a state.

3.Why was April 30, 1812 chosen for Louisiana to officially become the 18th state of America?

4.Why should Congress decide which territories in America can become a state?

5.How could this lead to dissension between parts of America?

6.Describe how the boundaries of Louisiana were defined in Louisiana’s constitution.

7.How could this lead to future problems with the Spanish who own Texas?

8.How were Free People of Color treated in this constitution?

9.How could this lead to future conflicts in Louisiana?

Wednesday: Unit 2, Topic 2, Closer 4

1.Read “Impressment of American Sailors”     (p. 22 and 23).

2.Read “War of 1812 – 1815” (p. 24).

3.Recreate the War of 1812 Graphic Organizer (p. 25) and use the information to complete it making note of the causes, key events, and status of the war before the Battle of New Orleans (Answer + Page #).

*1st Column = 2 items

*2nd Column = 3 items

*3rd Column = 1 item

Thursday: Unit 2, Topic 2, Closer 5

1.Watch the video about the Battle of New Orleans

2.Provide a 1 paragraph summary of the battle using the following questions as a GUIDE:

§How did the smaller skirmishes before the major Battle of New Orleans help Jackson’s troops win the battle?

§What gave the Americans the strategic advantage in the battle?

§What gave the British the strategic disadvantage in the battle?

§How could General Pakenham have changed his plans to help the British win the battle?

Friday: Unit 2, Topic 2, Closer 6

1.Use the “Map Analysis” sheet to analyze the Battle of New Orleans map on p. 31

2.Read “The Battle of New Orleans” ( pgs. 26-29).

3.Complete a Flow Map Timeline of the Battle of New Orleans with the following dates (include the date and page number in the box):

1.December 14 and 15, 1814 (This is 1 Box)

2.December 23, 1814 (This is 1 Box)

3.January 1, 1815 (This is 1 Box)

4.January 8, 1815 (4 Events so 4 boxes)


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