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CMS Accelerated Reader Policy & Resources

Accelerated Reader Program

   CMS has adopted the Accelerated Reader program as part of our comprehensive literacy program. The only way to become really good at understanding what we read is through practice.  Reading is a skill, and it is up to us to practice and perfect that skill. The only way to get better at reading is to READ! Students should be reading independently at least 20 minutes per day at home.

What is Accelerated Reader?

      AR is a program used to motivate students to increase their reading & vocabulary comprehension and guide them to independent reading. AR is the world’s most popular reading program, used in nearly 60,000 schools. There is a proven link between strong reading skills and academic success – great readers make great students!

How does AR work?

  1. Students choose an AR book based on their interest and reading level. 6th and 7th grade students must choose books that are MG (Middle Grades) Building Level 3 and above. 8th grade students must choose books that are MG Building Level 4 and above.  AR books are marked with a yellow dot and book levels/point values can be checked on our Destiny Library Catalog.
  2. When students are finished reading the book, they will bring the book they checked out to the library on the designated day for his/her class and take the test to assess comprehension. Students must have the book with them to take the test. Using Accelerated Reader for a grade is up to each individual teacher.
  3. The students earn points for mastering the material on the test. They earn full points by answering all test questions correctly. Students who average at least an 80% on tests taken are considered to understand what they read at an average level.
  4. Students may check books out from the public library and read from personal collections, but the above rules for taking tests apply to these books as well.  You may use to see book levels and point values. Your librarian will need to approve these books before testing. The student’s name and book title will be placed on an “approved” list so they may take a test when they finish the book.  Students must come to the librarian before they start reading the book to make verify it is AR and the appropriate level.
  5. Students will be required to wait 24 hours to test after being placed on the “approved” list or checking out a book.

How can parents help?

  • Promote reading at home: encourage students to read; read to them, let them see you reading and encourage them to carry their book wherever they go – so they are always ready to read!
  • Ask about the current book they are reading and their point goals. Congratulate them when they reach their goal.
  • Encourage your child to be a lifelong reader!
  • Go to the Library’s Online Resources page to find links for AR Bookfinder and your student’s AR Bookshelf. 

What makes AR fun?

CMS strongly supports the AR reading program. It is a great way to encourage reading and have a positive, fun experience.  Incentives vary to include: AR luncheons, AR breakfasts, and special prizes for students who are in the highest points club.

Useful Reminders:

  • Students will come to the library every 2-3 weeks during their ELA class to take AR tests, return books, check out new books. 
  • Students may also enjoy library time before school (7:25-7:45).
  • Students may also visit during their lunch recess on designated days. 
  • Students may also come during their GAP class if they need to take a test or check out a new book.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to serving the CMS family and motivating students to become lifelong readers!