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7th Grade Weekly Agenda

  • Daily Bellringer
  • Compare the amount of water in the cups over time
  • Model dropping water levels and mass change over time
  • Update the class progress tracker
  • Using our model ideas to explain and predict
  • Daily Bellringer
  • Navigation
  • Plan the water droplet investigation
  • Conduct the water droplet investigation
  • Discuss observations and data in a scientists circle
  • Cold lemonade on a hot day
    • ‚ÄčThis will be assigned for homework if students do not finish and turn in, for a grade.
  • Daily bellringer
  • Map the elements of the model
  • Use the marble model to show the changes in mass
  • Use diagrams of particles to explain matter movement in the cup system
  • Daily bellringer
  • Update progress tracker
  • Explain different lid designs
  • Introduce Airtight containers
  • Daily Bellringer
  • Discuss closed systems
  • Brainstorm other possible causes of temperature change
  • Use models to represent thinking

Lessons are subject to change at any time at teacher’s discretion