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MONDAY, OCT 7- We will finish our discussion of Frankenstein Ch. 13 text comparing characters and theme to that of the novel FFA.  Students will fill out handout on w hat                                both Charlie and the monster learned in the respective texts. Students will begin filling out claim and evidence chart in preparation for upcoming Socratic                                 Socratic Seminar relating the novel to the related texts regarding comparing/contrasting characters, plot, structure, and theme. ****** I JUST RE-                                              MEMBERED THAT WE GO TO LIBRARY TODAY, SO OUR SCHEDULE WILL BE PUSHED DOWN SOMEWHAT FOR MON AND TUES*********    (Don’t ask me what just happened with the format here. Must be a bug somewhere???)  ALL EXTRA CREDIT, MAKEUP WORK, AND ACCELERATED READER GRADES DUE BY THIS WEDNESDAY.

TUESDAY, OCT 8- Students will finish any work above not completed- specifically the claim and evidence chart focusing on the question: DOES KEYES DRAW FROM                                         TRADITIONAL TEXTS TO TELL A HOPEFUL STORY OR A CAUTIONARY TALE? We will go over the procedures for conducting a Socratic Seminar on this week’s tasks (above) and review the same grading rubric that was used for last seminar and the importance of filling out the handout this time.

WEDNESDAY, OCT 9-   Students will finish anything above not completed. We will prepare for our Socratic Seminar on Thursday by reviewing and relating all the texts                                              and how they connect via literary analysis. They should have all handouts completed by today and will write at least 3 higher-order thinking                                                  questions in preparation for tomorrow’s Socratic Seminar.

THURSDAY, OCT 10-   Students will conduct Socratic Seminar and turn in COMPLETED handouts of questions alluding to seminar that attribute to their grade.                 

FRIDAY, OCT 11-          Students will prepare for their CULMINATING WRITING TASKS. They will sign into Google Chromebooks (and you will be able to sign into their                                           accounts and view their work after this.)  We will reiview the task, gather their handouts, and review structure of essay format. Students will begin                                         filling out their claim/supporting evidence charts.