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7th GRADE ELA - DEC 9-12, 2019

Monday, Dec. 9: 

  • Add evidence to the Analyze Scrooge’s experiences handout (pg.144) 

  • Draw a Venn diagram to compare and contrast 

  • Add text evidence to the Character analysis handout (pg.119) 

  • Scrooge’s final interaction and realization about his “old” self 

  • His vows to the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come and what this reveals about his values  


Tuesday, Dec. 10: 

  • Work Stations (2) 

  • “Study: Experiences make Us Happier than Possessions” 

  • “Do Experiences or Material Goods Make Us Happier?” 

  • Station 1- Read and summarize a nonfiction article titled, “Study: Experiences Make Us Happier than Possessions”(pg.145-146) 

  • Examine how central ideas of the article relate to A Christmas Carol  

  • Complete the Summarize and connect ideas across texts handout (pg. 149)  

  • Station 2 - Read and summarize a nonfiction article titled, “Do Experiences or Material Goods make Us Happier?”(pg.147-148) 

  • Complete the Summarize and connect ideas across texts handout (pg. 150)  

  • Compare and contrast the two articles and write a response to the question  by completing Venn Diagram handout    (pg. 151) 


Wednesday, Dec. 11: 

  • Complete Evidence Chart: Fishbowl Discussion handout (pg. 152-155) 


Thursday, Dec. 12: 

  • Bell Ringer – Mentor Sentence 1.5 

  • Test on Stave IV 

  • Complete Fishbowl Discussion Reflection handout (pg.156) 


Friday, Dec. 13: