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COVID-19 At-Home Learning


Understanding Integer Operations Applying Properties for Powers with the Same Base 3
Applying Properties for Powers with the Same Exponent 4  (Scroll down to different bases but same exponents)
Applying Properties of Negative Exponents 5
Applying Properties of Integer Exponents 6
Understanding Scientific Notation Writing Numbers in Scientific Notation 7
Adding and Subtracting with Scientific Notation 8-9
Multiplying an Dividing with Scientific Notation 10-11
Understanding Functions Interpreting a Linear Function 12-13
Writing an Equation for a Linear Function from a Verbal Description 14-15
Using Graphs to Describe Functions 16-17
Understanding Linear Equations Finding the Slope of a Line 18-19
Graphing a Linear Equation Given in Any Form 20-21
Representing and Solving Problems with One-Variable Equations 22-23
Understanding Systems of Linear Equations Solving Systems of Linear Equations by Substitution 24
Solving Systems of Linear Equations by Elimination 25
Solving Real-World Problems with Systems of Linear Equations 26
Understanding Transformation, Congruence, and Similarity Performing Sequences of Rigid Transformations 28-29
Describing Sequences of Transformations Involving Dilations 30-31