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Hi everyone!  As we prepare to finish the school year at home, you have options for your final grades.  

Option 1 – Keep the final grade you have.  This will be determined by averaging your three 9-week averages.  To determine this, simply add the three grades together and divide by 3. (GP1+GP2+GP3 = final average). Do this for all classes.  You received your last report card in the mail a couple weeks after school closed, so you should have it handy.  If not, check your grades on Student Progress Center.

Option 2 – If you are not satisfied with your average or are failing a class, you will have bonus work assigned for each class.  You can earn up to a total of 100 bonus points that will be averaged in with your 3rd 9-weeks average which will improve that grade; therefore, improving your overall average. You may choose to do bonus in all classes or pick and choose the classes that you need extra credit in.

Your math bonus assignment is to complete eight i-Ready lessons. These lessons are automatically assigned based off of your performance on the middle of the year diagnostic test we took in January. You will receive a maximum of 50 points for completing the lessons and 50 points for quality of completion on those lessons, so a total of 100 points possible all together. I will host weekly zoom meetings to address any questions or concerns you have on those lessons. The meeting details are posted in your google classroom. I will also send a reminder text message. Also, if you have a question while you are working you can email and I will respond as soon as possible. My email address is

To access your lessons, go to:  

Username: First letter of first name, first letter of last name, student ID number (no spaces, ID number is AR number)       EXAMPLE: CU1234567

Password: Student ID number

Students without devices/internet are encouraged to check out a device from the school on Monday, 4/20 from 10am-12pm  (1 per family) and take advantage of the free internet service from Comcast. (Link to Comcast offer is on the Home Learning tab at .)

In addition to the bonus work there are also 2 packets available for extra practice/work. These will not count as a grade/bonus. Both packets can be found at the following link: