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VIP Sub Folder

Sub Plans for 4th Hour Virtual Class - Schjelde


I am listing some options for assignments to be given in the event of an unexpected absence.  These assignments should be posted in our 4th Hour VIP class (either A or B group depending on the day of my absence.)


  1. Assign 1-2 “Teacher-Assigned” Ready lessons that relate to our current lesson or an appropriate prerequisite (search 6th grade) for our current lesson.  

  2. Assign 2 Ready “My Path” Lessons (tell students when assigning that these will be counted for a grade).

  3. Assign a Nearpod Lesson by copying the link into Google Classroom.  There are some lessons in my Nearpod library that I labeled (VIP Sub) after the title.  If these do not fit where we currently are, you can search for another pre-made lesson in Nearpod to assign.