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MON  (Learnzillion Lesson 5 review/ Lesson 6) Write a claim statement about how your “snow week” was spent, then write an essay piece on it with annotations. Go over SUGAR prologue from last week-emphasizing the authors’ purpose for writing the text. Begin PART ONE in text. 

TUES (Lesson 6) While reading PART ONE of text, add unfamiliar vocabulary to your chart, discuss imagery, analogy, and allusion and how the authors used it to make an impact on the reader.Add to summary chart in wb (pp21-25)- those important EVENTS that show how sugar changed the world. Work handout on PART ONE.

WED (Lesson 7) Continue any unfinished work from above. Continue reading PART ONE and adding to summary timeline. We will note how paragraph structure impacts the reader to convey connections between individuals, ideas, and events- as well as to engage the reader. Finish and turn in handout for PART ONE if have not already.

THURS (Lesson 8)- Continue any unfinished work from above. Go over extension task directions on p 27 of workbook and discuss how to research topic by using effective search terms to locate resources for this task that will be completed by the end of the unit. Begin to work Jean Lafitte Leap-like test.

FRI- Continue working Lafitte assignment and any other unfinished work from the week.