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MON-  LESSONS 9 & 10  Begin reading and discussing Part 2 of SCTW text. Focus on the steps in the processing of the sugar and how the authors displayed their purpose and point of view through word choice and examples presented. ***Tentative assessment on Prologue – Part 2 on  Friday.***

TUES- CONTINUE LESSON 10-Continue reading PART 2. Begin adding to your CENTRAL IDEA OF THE TEXT handout. Continue to discuss how the authors developed the central ideas of each passage and/or the overall text.Compare how the authors present information to how the same information is presented in the poem, “SUGAR CANE”. Begin filling out PART 2 EXIT ACTIVITY handout.

WED/THURS- LESSON 11- Go over the portrait gallery, pp 42-53 in text. Analyze how the authors respond to different viewpoints in their text. Continue to add to the timeline. Why did the authors include this photo gallery? How did they include La? Read “The Spherical Trade” on p 37 and discuss. Complete he handout, “ HOW THE AUTHORS ADDRESSED CONFLICTING VIEWPOINTS. Begin adding to CONFLICTING VIEWPOINTS TRACKER. Complete PART 2 HANDOUT.

 FRI- Complete any unfinished work from above.Take assessment for PROLOGUE- PART 2.