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MON- LEARNZILLION LESSON 15- Read the informational text, “How Sugar Changed the World” by Heather Whipps. Discuss and determine meanings of unfamiliar words. Add them to VOCABULARY LOG. Determine and record the central and supporting ideas of the text onto ANALYZING CONFLICTING IDEAS chart on wb p 67.Also record ideas that conflict with the ideas presented in the unit text. Record onto chart.Determine if the conflicts are of facts or interpretation of facts : FACTS – Authors are either considering DIFFERENT facts or one author is considering INCORRECT facts.INTERPRETATIONS- Authors are drawing different conclusions about the same facts. Record onto chart. After discussion, begin reading the informational text SUGAR by Anup Shah and complete the ANALYZING CONFLICTING IDEAS handout for this text. HWK- finish this chart on wb p 67.

TUES- LESSON 16  Discuss HWK. What conflicting ideas are created in “SUGAR” and the unit text? View “Louisiana Sugarcane Farmer”. Discuss and complete the ANALYZING CONFLICT HANDOUT. Focus on CONFLICTING IDEAS presented by the producers of the video and the authors of the unit text. Determine if the conflicts are due to different facts or interpretations of facts. FOCUS: Why do the authors and the producer have different interpretations? What evidence do you have to back this up? {Producers want to create a modern, personal account of what it’s like to be part of a sugar-producing farm family today.This lends to a more POSITIVE interpretation of the history and impact of the sugar industry. Conversely, the authors are presenting how the sugar industry had not only a WORLDWIDE impact, but had both positive and negative impacts.

WED- LESSON 17- Evaluate the authors’ purpose and differing mediums used to convey those purposes. Fill out the MEDIA HANDOUT. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each medium.{ The video has the advantage of not only providing visual imagery, but presents the information in a more personal, engaging way as it allows for interviews with the producing family on location.It does, however, have the disadvantage of being a more narrow presentation that doesn’t allow for more worldly connections and the good and the bad impacts of the industry.}

THURS- LESSON 18- Finish any uncompleted work above. Complete the WRITING PROMPT AND EVIDENCE CHART. FOCUS- What evidence represents the MOST IMPORTANT reason that the claim is true? Discuss information in preparation for writing.

FRI- LESSON 19-  After all charts are completed,write an EXPLANATORY ESSAY comparing and contrasting the information charted for 2 of the 4 texts/video in the unit.