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McConathy ELA 8th GRADE March 29- April 1

March 29- Write a text piece about how you spent your Spring Break. Highlight your claim sentence yellow. Write at least one handwritten page.   Read aloud and use communication stems to critique each others’ work. Be sure to create IMAGERY by appealing to all the senses. At the end of your text, list each sense and rewrite the sentence you used to appeal to that sense- you should have details alluding to at least FOUR of your senses. Include an underlined hook and a closing statement annotated red. Work any review handouts from Mrs. McCandlish’ office. Go over them.

March 30- Independently read Part 4 and take cold-read test.If extra time, can play the game with the red ball in my drawer reviewing Part 4.

March 31- Reread  and discuss Part 4 with teacher. If handout is available, fill it out. Work any handouts from Mrs, McCandlish’s office and go over.

April 1- Write a story entitled, “The Best April Fool’s Joke Ever”. Annotate in green all your sensory details providing imagery. Your story should include dialogue andd at least 2 examples of figurative language. Annotate the figurative language purple. You should write at least pne page. Read aloud. Top story gets Taffy from my closet behind my desk.

April 2- Get out your MEDIA handout. Choose which you think the author/producer was most successful in achieving his/her/their purpose (on your completed handout)- text, short story, video. You will write your culminating writing task on this claim. Follow the directions in Google classroom to write the rough draft of yur essay.