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MCCONATHY ELA 6th April 19-23

MON- Turn in Quiz Time handout if you did not finish Friday. Vocabulary quiz on words from chapters 1-4. Begin going over handout with new vocabulary words for next section. Begin new Quiz Time handout for chapters 5-7. Read/listen to chapter 5 (p 28 in Google Classroom). Keep reading for this section if time permits.

TUES- Continue going over vocabulary words.Continue Quiz Time handout. Continue reading/listening to chapters 5-7.

WED- Continue going over vocabulary words. Continue chapters in this section. Work A SET OF PAINTS handout. Begin reading/listening to chapter 8 if time permits. 

Thurs- Work vocab handout. Continue reading text. Work REASSESSMENT handout.

Fri- Complete any unfinished work above. Continue reading text in GC.-chapters 9/10- depending on how far we get. Vocabulary quiz Mon or Tues on words from Monday’s handout.