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McConathy ELA March 14-18

MON- Continue reading, discussing, and filling in and going over PART 2 of the text and its accompanying handout.We will also start filling in the CENTRAL IDEA chart in the workbook with supporting text evidence about the positive and negative effects of sugar.

TUES- IF finished with PART 2, students will complete an assessment using the book and their handouts or any aids covering the PROLOGUE- PART 2. Students who finish eaarly will work on ACHIEVE 3000.

WED- We will begin PART 3 of the text.We will continue to add text evidence to our CENTRAL IDEA chart in the workbook and to analyze the structure of specific paragraphs with the author’s claims.

THURS- If students have completed all the work above, we will read the related text by Heather Whipps,”HOW SUGAR CHANGED THE WORLD” and compare it to the information in the text.

FRI- We will complete unfinished work and watch a video on life as a slave on a plantation.

****NOTE***- Last 9 week period begins March 17 (Thurs). TIME IS FLYING!