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MON- Students will write about their Spring Break using sentence variety, sequential order, and imagery. Then we will work on Achieve 3000.

Tues- Students will read sugar article by HEATHER WHIPPS (wb 55),add to their vocabulary log after using context clues in the analyzation of the article, and add to the CENTRAL IDEAS section of the ANALYZING CONFLICTING IDEAS (wb 67).Then add to the SUPPORTIVE IDEAS WITH TEXT EVIDENCE section using direct quotes that strongly support the central idea above. Finsh this column of the page by adding to the CONFLICTS section of the wb page- ideas that conflict with the anchor text.

WED- Complete any unfinished work. Students will read and analyze the sugar article by ANUP SHAH and complete that column of the wb page in the same way.

THURS- Students will continue to work on /go over the wb page, then watch video “LOUISIANA SUGARCANE FARMER” and complete the wb page.

FRIDAY- Students will work the EVALUATING MEDIA (wb 71).