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ELA McConathy Sept 20-24

Tues-  1.13  We will continue to read/discuss PR 9 and begin filling in our IRONY TRACKER focusing on DRAMATIC IRONY (pink supplement in binder- p 47) and regular wb p 73. We will continue to add evidence to our CLAIM CHARTS and will practice class ACCOUNTABLE TALK using this claim handout on whether the surgery(at this point) is in the best interest of Charlie.We must make sure that our claims pass the SODA TEST beforehand. We will then go over and locate other types of irony and add them to chart. ***be sure to turn in the signed yearly syllabus and the chromebook take-home handout***

Wed/Thurs- 1.15  We will complete any unfinished work from Tuesday. We will read and analyze PR 10 and PR 11 and continue to add to our BEFORE/AFTER chart and IRONY TRACKER.

Fri-  1.16  We will begin Frankenstein excerpt – Ch. 4 (wb p 66) and students will use context clues and chromebook to look up the answers for 10 vocabulary words which will be on an assessment next week.Date to be determined and posted on board today- depending on readiness.