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MON- TUES 1.23-25  We will finish reading FLOWERS for ALGERNON and completing our BEFORE/AFTER charts.We will begin Frankenstein Chapter 13 and continue our comparison of the characters and events that lend to a theme reflected in each text. We will add one more piece of evidence from the reports after May 20 supporting both claims regarding the surgery’s impact on the quality of Charlie’s life. We will work a handout tying together the themes of the anchor text and the related articles.

WED- FRI-  L28-   We will complete any unfinished work above and write our essa:y for the novel question: HOW DOES THE SURGERY IMPROVE OR WORSEN THE QUALITY OF CHARLIE’S LIFE? (the culminating writing task)

**Thursday is PBIS field trip day for those who have a “C” or above average in each class with no behavior incidences.**!!!!!!!!