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Welcome to my online classroom.

8th GRADE:

Monday—1.Read the following sources:

A.Louisiana’s Ordinance of Secession (p. 82 GB)
B.Excerpts from an Address to the Texas Secession Convention (p. 83 in the GB)
2.Complete the Louisiana Secedes Graphic Organizer (Split Page Notes) from p. 84 in the Guidebook
3.For questions 1-2 & 4-6, answer should include quote + page number
4.For questions 3 & 7, answer should included quote + extra sentence + page number

Tuesday—1.Copy the questions on p. 99 of the guidebook on to loose leaf (Quote + 1-2 Sentences + Page Number).

2.Get in groups of 3 and use the Reciprocal Reading method to fill in the notes using the following sources:
A."The Importance of Louisiana” (p. 88 GB)
B.“The Capture of New Orleans” (p. 95 GB)
C.“Second Assault” from Siege of Port Hudson (p. 109-110 GB)
D.Paragraphs 7 - 9 “The Native Guards in the Union Army” from African-Americans in the Civil War (p. 114-115 GB)
Wednesday—Copy the following questions:
1.Why is New Orleans important to the Union and Confederacy?
2.What do New Orleans citizens fear?
3.Why did New Orleanians burn cotton bales and sink ships?
4.Why did General Scott’s Anaconda Plan call for the capture of the Mississippi River?
5.How would this help the Union win the Civil War?
6.How was New Orleans’ economy affected by the Union blockade?
7.Why were African slaves excited the Union captured New Orleans?
8.Describe the emotions of New Orleanians when the Union captured New Orleans.
2.Read the following sources:
A.General Scott’s Anaconda Plan (p. 100 GB)
B.Farragut’s fleet passing the forts below New Orleans (p. 101 GB)
C.New Orleans fears being Captured (p. 102 GB)
D.New Orleans prepares for Capture (p. 103 GB)
3.Answer the questions (Quote + Extra Sentence + Pg Number)

Thursday—Map Directions:

1. Write your name on your paper

2. Refer to Map 10.3 on page 278 of your textbook.

3. Label the Union states and color them all blue.

4. Label the Confederate states before Ft. Sumter and color them all orange.

5. Label the Confederate states after Ft. Sumter and color them all red (Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, & Virginia p.442-443).

6. Label the border states and color them all yellow.

7. Label the territories and color them all brown.

8. Create a key

Q&A Directions:

Copy the following questions on the back of your map.
Answer the questions (3-5 need to be complete sentences).


1.What was the total number of Confederate states by wars end?
2.Were the border states slave or free states (refer to Map 10.1 on p. 273)?
3.When comparing your map (10.3, p. 278) to the 10.2 map on p. 276, what pattern(s) do you notice?
4.The Civil War is sometimes referred to as a war between the North and South. Is this an accurate description? Why?
5.Based on the map you created, why was the Anaconda Plan so effective?





Tuesday – Graphic organizer on page 135. Student assigned one of the following readings.

  1. US and French Revolution—page 127-128
  2. Jay’s Treaty—page 129-130
  3. Treaty of San Lorenzo/Pinckney’s Treaty—page 131-132
  4. Neutrality Proclamation—page 133-134

Wednesday – in groups, complete the graphic organizer on foreign challenges

Thursday – Assign “home” groups, then assigne “expert” groups.‚Äč Expert texts:

  1. Whiskey Rebellion
  2. Native American Policy
  3. George Washington: Domestic Affairs
  4. Complete the portion of the organizer that is your expert group

Friday – complete the jigsaw on the domestic affairs by sharing with your “home” group


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