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6-8 PE

Hello class, if you are absent from class for any reason, please review the page below.  As this is PE and we typically do not feel well physically when we are absent from school, I will not ask you to perform the below listed excersizes, only review them.  If you are absent and feel up to the task, remember to always begin your workout with a warm-up and stretches. A sample is provided below and can be used daily.



*Repeat 2 times through*

30 Jumping Jacks

20 Air Squats

10 Toe Touches with Straight Legs

5 Big Arm Circles Forward

5 Big Arm Circles Backward



These are the same stretches we did in class.

*Hold each stretch for 10 seconds

1.Right arm across

2.Left arm across

3.Right arm over top

4.Left arm over top

5.Legs out and stretch down to Right Foot, Middle, and Left Foot

6.Butterfly leg stretch seated on the ground

7.Legs out and stretch to Righ Foot, Middle, and Left Foot

*Can add any stretches on your own that you would like to further stretch yourself before beginning the workout.




One mile run for time. Be sure to keep up with your time. Goal is to improve on this over time. If you need to walk some, do so, but then begin your run again. A good start approach is to Run for one minute, walk for 30 seconds to one minute.

You can measure your distance by using any of the following ways.

1.Apple Watch

2.App on Iphone (ex. Map My Run)

3.Measure distance using a vehicle's trip mileage count before beginning your run.



Beginner HIIT Workout *see picture for details*