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Facs I Agenda

Week of 1/19:

Monday: No School

Tuesday-Thursday: Google Slides Project on Kitchen and Food Safety. Assignment is on Google Classroom

Friday: Present Safety Project in class.

BONUS opportunity:

Due to covid restrictions in the kitchen, there are some items that we need that were not planned into our food budget. Any help would be appreciated!

Paper Plates

Pastic forks, or spoons

Plastic or styrofoam cups 

Week of 1/11

Monday: Snow day Kitchen Safety Packet

Tuesday: Food Safety notes. Please turn in Kitchen Lab Contract

Wednesday: Finish Food Safety notes and short video with handout. 

Thursday/Friday: Watch Dr X and the quest for food safety and fill out worksheet. 

Week of 


Monday/ Tuesday : Sewing lab make ups. All projects MUST be finished by the end of the day Tuesday

Wednesday: Food lab contract and rules, must be signed and turned in by Friday for a 25 point grade. Intro to kitchen safety.

Thursday: Kitchen safety notes and handout

Friday: Complete Kitchen safety notes and handout, video on kitchen safety. 

WEEKs of:


Machine sewing Projects, Due by 12/17

First year students are making Aprons.

Second year students are making Pj. Pants

Early finishers will hand sew ornaments, or pillows.

Virtual students are making ornaments (4 for 25 points a piece) OR writing and Essay on how to properly care for clothing. Instructions are on Google Classroom. 

Students who fail to follow the sew lab rules will be given alternate book work.