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Facs I Agenda

Week of 4/19

Zoom Meetings on Mondays: FACS I 1:00 FACS 2 1:45. Zoom meetings we will discuss new Assignments and how our at home projects are going. 

FACS I: Please log into Google classroom  for assignments.

1.) Review table manners PowerPoint and discuss with your family!

2.) Watch the video on table setting

3.) Review taco salad recipe and prepare for your family

4.) Set the table according to the instructions and snap a pic! Upload to Google classroom.

4th hour: 5qyhymq  5th hour: pw7amhr  7th hour: 63hltrh

FACS II: Please log into Google classroom for more detailed instructions.

1.) Pick your favorite snack food ( anything from cheese its, to poptarts) and recreate a homemade version from scratch. You can do this as your own recipe or find one on the interenet. Compare  your product vs the store bought verision.  

2nd hour: hipoxcr  3rd hour: f6oxgbw 6th  hour: pmppmqc

April 27-May 15:

FACS I and II 

Cup cake war Challenge!

Documents and videos for this assignment will be on Google classroom by Wednesday. Zoom call next Monday we will go over if anyone is having trouble!

Theme: Spring in Quarantine 

Mystery ingredients:





Cupcakes must have a frosting, cake, filling optional. Pictures should be loaded to google classroom. Families will judge taste, pictures of cupcakes will be uploaded to facebook for votes! 

Happy Baking! Bake the world a better place!