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6th Grade Physical Education



Your student will need to purchase a uniform from the online store for use during the school year. The cost of the uniform is $18.00 for a t-shirt and shorts to be used during the school year. This uniform is the personal property of the student and will include a place for the student’s name on the shirt and shorts. It is the student’s responsibility to keep up with this uniform.

If at any time an article of this uniform is lost, it is your student’s responsibility to replace it by paying a fee of $10.00 for one item and/or $18.00 for two items. Replacement uniforms will be purchased directly from their teacher; not the online store.

 After speaking with the administrative staff and listening to parent requests, your student’s PE teacher will be washing the uniforms for the students each week to help reduce the possibilities of uniforms being left at home.


ORDERING UNIFORMS: The PE Uniform Store can be accessed several different ways. You may type the link below into an internet url section. Or you may access this link via the CMS School Webpage, CMS Facebook Page, or the CMS Instagram Page. Uniforms will be ordered online and shipped to the school. I will then pass them out to the students. Arrival time will be 2-3 weeks after the store closes on August 22nd.