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Jamie Berry


At CMS, it is our school's goal to promote a healthy, safe, positive learning environment for our students and faculty.  We are here for YOU!  If there is ever anything we can do for you and/or your student, just ask!  Our belief is that our students need to be mentally healthy in order to learn.

As a school counselor, some of the things I may assist in: 

  • Assisting with testing 

  • Classroom presentations as needed

  • Consultation/collaboration

  • Crisis Management

  • Feeder school visits

  • High School/career guidance

  • High School transition

  • Individual counseling for students

  • Meeting with parents

  • Referrals for outside help

  • Schedule changes

  • Scheduling/creating master schedule

  • Serving on IEP teams

  • Setting up conferences

  • Threat Assessments

How do students see their counselor?

  • Ask your teacher for a counselor pass (green) and come down to the counselor's office.  It is BEST to come during your PE time or your elective class time.

  • Stop by the counselor’s office between classes or during lunch and fill out an "appointment" sheet and put it in the counselor's black mailbox.  The counselor will call you down as soon as possible.

  • Have a parent or teacher contact the counselor and request they call you down.