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Daily Schedule



ZOOM LESSONS:  online classes will begin this this THURSDAY April 23, at 10:00 AM. Classes will be every Thursday at 10:00 AM.  

Students should sign up for a free zoom account.  Listed below is the meeting ID and the Password students type in each Thursday to join in.  

Meeting ID-   964-2457-2313

Password –  3WW0qx



Week of :  April 20, 2020

Assignment 1:  list 10 examples of a simile.  Use each in a sentence

Assignment 2: Find a magazine or a book…. list 5 words that you are unflamiliar with.  Locate the meaning of each word and use it in a sentence.


Week of :  April 13, 2020

Assignment 1:  read any story of your choice.  ON a sheet of paper, create a T chart.  ON the left side label it COMMOM NOUNS on the right side label it PROPER NOUNS.  FInd 20 common nouns in the story and list them on the paper. ALso locate 15 proper nouns and list them on the right side.  

Assignment 2:  After locating all the common and proper nouns,  write a story of your own and use 10 of the commom nouns from your sheet and 7 of the proper nouns..


Week of:  April 6, 2020

Hey everyone!!!  !! I miss all of you!!  Please practice social distancing, stay safe, and enjoy your time off!!! 

Read a little bit each day!!!!!


I will post 2 assignements to be completed each week.


Assignment #1

Take a walk around your home/neighborhood.  Enjoy all your surroundings.  Write a 2 paragraph DESCRIPTIVE essay detailing all that you see and what you do during your walk.

Assignment # 2

Watch an inspirational video on the internet and write a 1 paragraph summary describing it.



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