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Daily Schedule



Mrs. Tashia Osoborn

6th grade ELA

Planning period:  6th hour ((1:20-2:00)


Below is an  itinerate of our weekly lessons, but they may change.

***Please always check your student’s PLANNER to see the assignment for their homework.

Google Classroom Codes: Please have your child access my Google Classroom with the following codes.  I will sometimes post assignments here.  

1st/2nd hour:  7gnm4ku

3rd/4th hour: zj4ubpn 

5th/7th hour:  nmaqdin


Week of: 

Sept. 20-24

Spelling:  Spelling Lists will be given in class each Monday.  Words 6X each due every Wednesday. Spelling tests every Friday.   

Vocabulary:  Vocabulary lists have been distributed to each student.  Words are to be defined by Wednesday. We will check them in class.  Vocab tests are each Friday.   


Skills:  Similes and Metaphors— test will be on Friday

OUT OF THE DUST:  This is the novel for our 1st unit.  Students can find a copy of it in my Google Classroom.  They will not be bringing a copy of the book home.  

  • This week we will read pages 87-95, 99-108, and 109-118 and complete the study guide for those selections
  • Story test on pages 70-118 will be on Thursday



Again…..check you child’s PLANNER EACH NIGHT for homework assignments



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