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Holder, Scott

If you are having an issue with a Chromebook at home, please email me at I will respond as quickly as possible. Connectivity issues will be turned over to the district personnel.

Welcome to my online classrooms.

Quest for Success: Weekly assignments are in Google Classroom. We are learning about manufacturing.

PLEASE SEE THE ASSIGNMENTS IN GOOGLE CLASSROOM. (We are currently learning about manufacturing and advanced manufacturing)


KEYBOARDING: Assignments are given through the software on the computers in the classroom (MicroType 5). Students work at their own pace and should have learned the basic QWERTY keyboard. Numbers are the focus now.

PLEASE SEE THE ASSIGNMENTS IN GOOGLE CLASSROOM. (This does not change each week. We are continuing to learn to type.)

We will be learning to type by learning the locations of the alpha-numeric keys on a standard keyboard. Practicing at home on a Chromebook will be limited by the keyboard’s layout. (For example, there is no CAPS LOCK key, nor is there a numeric keypad on a Chromebook.)