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We are currently utilizing our GAP time before school for iReady Math Lessons.  Your student will have one lesson to complete a week for a grade and one lesson that can be completed for bonus.  These lessons are prerequisites required to succeed in math.  If students are late arrivers they will have to complete these lessons at home or during PE / Lunch.

Parents and students,

Welcome to Calhoun Middle School and Mr. Black’s Math class.  I will be updating my teacher page with information every Monday. 


You will find very useful information in the following folders:

Homework (HW) – Here you will find a weekly schedule of classwork and homework pages for each day.

Notes – Here you will find the notes that we took in class.  This is an excellent place for you to review how the math skill was taught as well as to see how well your student is keeping up in class.  This folder will be updated most days at the end of school so the notes will be available for homework.

Worksheets (WS) – ANY worksheet that is given out in class will be copied here in case our student misplaces his copy.

Email me if you have any questions or comments at


Erin Black

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