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Black, Brad

Students and Parents,

Welcome to CMS and the 6th grade.  Please check my teacher page for information about math class.  I look forward to working with each of you this year.  The following is a description of what you will find on my teacher page:

Homework (HW) – Here you will find our class and homework schedule for the week.  This folder is updated each Sunday or Monday.  Students should have their homework assignments written down in their CMS planners as well.

Notes – Here you will find the notes on how we are attacking to skill for the week.  These notes will be discussed in class, however, due to time restraints we may not copy them down in our Classwork Folders.  This resource is more provided for parents so that they can see how we are learning the skill.

Bell Ringer Worksheets (BRWS) – These are the sheets that are completed in the first five minutes of class.  A copy is provided here in case the student misplaces them and needs a new copy.  I can only give one copy to students on Monday.  If a student is absent on Monday, a copy will be given the them when they return to school.

Fast Facts (FF) – We will have a quiz on our multiplication facts each Friday.  Each Monday students will be given a copy of the facts that will be on the quiz on Friday.  Students will be given 2 minutes to complete the quiz.  Students can also practice their facts on this website

Educational Websites – There are currently two websites here.  The first is, which is a site where students can practice their facts on the computer at any time.  The second is, which is a site where students can find a tutorial video of how to complete the skill that is being worked on in class.  Please take advantage of these websites throughout the year.