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This Week's Assignments

October 21-25

Monday:  Students will take notes on Cell theory while reading through a power point on a Chrome book.  (Some students will finish last week’s test on Cell Organelles.)

Tuesday: Students will view prepared slides of living and non-living samples to gather evidence to support the Cell Theory. Students will draw, label, and identify what they view using the microscope. 

Wednesday: Students will write an article for social media about the discovery that all living things are made of cells. Students will cite evidence from previous lessons, videos, and slides viewed under a  microscope. 

Thursday: Introduction to our next unit. Reading assignment and vocabulary. (Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems)

Friday: Review of Vocabulary – Biotic and Abiotic with examples from different types of ecosystems and stressing the relationship of the two. 

Any questions, let me know.


Review games are found on the following link:

Cell Theory PowerPoint:

Cell Theory ISN Notes Handout: