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This Week's Assignments

Dec. 2-6

Monday – Friday:  We are investigating Light and how it interacts with the environment. 

  1. Anchor Phenomenon  – Mr. Bean Video: Observations and I wonder?yes 
  2. Mirror/Light  Box Investigation – Recreate what is happening in the video and explain how the light changes the views. yes (6th and 7th will finish on Monday.
  3. Classroom Norms for Scientists Circle: Class discusses what they have figured out so far and questions they may still need to answer. 
  4. Driving Question Board
  5. Modifying Box Investigation
  6. Ray Model for Light Investigation   

Quiz on Friday: What we have learned so far?


I cannot put the new links up until we have finished this week’s activities. Students need to keep in order so not to ruin the surprise of how everything works. 

First Week’s Link:


yes – Completed so far