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McConathy ELA 6th GRADE March 29- April 2

March 29- Write at least a one-page text about your Spring Break. Use lots of adjectives to create imagery! Read yours aloud while class uses conversation stems to critique your writing. Vote on winner. Winner gets Taffy. Complete any review handouts if given. You may play review game with red ball. *** Tell the students that if one of them has access to the INDIANA JONES movie, to bring it to watch Fri.**

March 30- Learnzillion Lesson 25- Read and review the Culminating Writing Task directions in your wbk.Independently read pages 8 and 9 from the text.Remember that the CENTRAL IDEA of the text is : It is important to have a willingness to trust your instincts , look at things in a new way, and test your new ideas.In your binder, rewrite the quote from your CWT that begins with “ This is a book about capturing the attention of the world.” (pp8-9)

Now rewrite the quote using your own words. Several students share responses.Use your completed summary handouts and text to complete the INTRODUCTORY SECTION of the graphic organizer in your text. You may partner up.( Just do the best you can until my return.)

March 31- Using your chromebooks, research articles about archaeology,Stonehenge,or the author or people in the text. Write down 10 interesting,NEW facts that you learned. Pick your top 3 and share with the class.

April 1- Write a story entitled, “The Best April Fool’s Joke Ever.” Story should be at least a page and a half. It should include several characters and quotes from their dialogue. There should be many adjectives! They should also include at least 2 examples of figurative language- annotate yellow. Vote on best story after they are read aloud. Winner gets Taffy. Remember to critique others’ work using conversation stems.

April 2- Watch Indiana Jones movie or find video on archaeology to show class.