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SEPT 12-16

Sept 12- We will finish analyzing our Leap-like tests on cold reads.

Sept 13- We will fill out our graphic organizers with acceptable claims and reasons/evidence to back it up using accountable talk. We will read and analyze Progress Report 9, continuing to fill in the BEFORE AND AFTER chart. GET SYLLABUS SHEETS SIGNED if parent/guardian did not sign Monday night.

Sept 14-15- We will continue our discussion and handouts for Progress Report 9. LIBRARY DAY TODAY. RETURN SIGNED SHEETS!

Sept 16- See me during GAP for any make-up work. If time permits, we will conduct a SOCRATIC SEMINAR on whether or not Charlie is better off for havding had the surgery. Afternoon fun for students who have done all their work, made good grades, and have not gotten in trouble for behavior! KONA ICE!!

Dance tonite!