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COVID-19 At-Home Materials

I am posting several assignments that you can work on while we are learning from a distance.  We are lucky that we had almost finished the 7th grade skills, and were getting ready to review for Leap testing.  I need you to keep reviewing ALL of these skills in order for you to thrive in your math class next year.  Below you will find different assignments that will help you review these skills.  There are three options for you to choose from! Pick the one that works best for you, but keep in mind that only the i-Ready instruction can earn you bonus points

Assignment 1(BONUS opportunity) We now have access to i-Ready Online Instruction!  Our students have taken 2 Diagnostic Tests this year through i-Ready and a lesson path has been generated for each student based on the results of the diagnostic test.  This also includes Advanced students.

To access this, go to:  Username: First letter of first name, first letter of last name, student ID number (no spaces, ID number is AR number)  Password: Student ID number

Bonus option:  Complete at least 8 i-Ready lessons by May 8 to earn up to 100 bonus points based on completeness AND quality!  Chromebooks can be checked out from CMS on Monday, April 20 from 10:00am to Noon.

Assignment 2Click this link to download the new 7th grade packet along with the keys.

Assignment 3Khan Academy!  You can watch the video from the skills below and take the quiz on that lesson.  You could work on two or three skills per week.  Complex Fractions, Unit Rates, Constant Rate of Change, Percent of a Number, The Percent Proportion, Sales Tax, Markup, Tips, Discount, Interest, Absolute Value, FRACTIONS, Solving Multi-Step Equations, Solve Inequalities, Angles, Cross Sections, Circumference, Area of Circles, Area of Composite Figures, Volume, Biased and Unbiased Samples, Add Linear Expressions, Write Equations. Link:

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9:00am-11:00am; Email me at:

Zoom classes – Tuesday and Thursday 2:00- 3:00PM See Google Classroom for invite.